Friday, October 19, 2012

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Haven’t you ever wanted to play on a live TV Game Show for fun and cash prizes?

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     Of course, it is very hard to get on one of the quiz or word puzzle TV Network shows because so many people audition.  In fact, last year, one major TV word puzzle show advertised that over 1,000,000 people tried out for the show, but they only chose 600 contestants to play.

Well, guess what.  Now’s your chance to compete on a live online TV Broadcast for fun and cash prizes right from your home or office.

The Shout First! Game Show©2010-2012, a live online TV word puzzle game show on LIVESTREAM TV, is looking for contestants right now.  You can play in one of the free live shows, and then, if you think you are good enough, play in a live “CASH” show where your skills will be tested against other contestants for cash prizes.

Of course, TV game shows look so easy when you are just watching other contestants from home.  Don’t you usually know the answer before the TV contestant gets it?  But now, the pressure is on YOU since you are no longer just watching… you are now PLAYING on the live TV show against other players… either just for fun or for great cash prizes.  All of a sudden, the game is not so easy anymore.

The Shout First! Game Show, complete with a live game show host and incredible tense game show music, can get very exciting and competitive as each contestant is trying to be the first player to give the correct answer to the word puzzle.

Want to play on an upcoming show?

For details, view our “How to Play” video